Lord, all my desire is before You and my sighing is not hidden from You. Psalm 38:10 (Hebrew text – Hebrew Heart media translation) Desire – Did you think David uses the word ta’avati (“my desire”) to describe his spiritual longing for intimate relationship with God?  Have you lifted this verse from its context in […]

I YHWH and none else, forming light and creating darkness; making peace and creating evil – I YHWH do all these things. Isaiah 45:6-7 (translation: M. Buber) Creating – Where did evil come from?  Such a simple question.  Such an enormously difficult answer, if there even is an answer.  One of the greatest impediments to […]

Where is this, the way light dwells; and where is the place of darkness? Job 38:19 (Hebrew text) Place – The documentary extolled the work of volunteers in an orphanage in Haiti.  A teacher held up the coloring book page of a three-year-old.  “Last year when Alicia arrived, she could only color like this.”  The […]