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The Final Choice

A perverse heart shall depart from me;
 I will know no evil.  Psalm 101:4  NASB I will know – End of the Roman calendar year.  Most people are making some sort of resolution.  Usually these last but a short time and the ordinary routine returns.  Most resolutions are statements of positive self-improvement.  I have a few. … Read More »

The Cure (4)

Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean; remove the evil of your deeds from before my eyes; cease to do evil,  Isaiah 1:16  ESV Cease – If removing evil was the same as not doing it anymore, then it would not be necessary to have two verbs connected to this idea.  But there are two verbs here. … Read More »

See No Evil

The One forming light and creating darkness, causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the LORD who does all these. Isaiah 45:7  NASB Calamity – If God is sovereign, then why is there evil?  How can a good God allow evil in the world? If you’ve never struggled with these questions, perhaps you haven’t read… Read More »

Blasphemy Against the Spirit

Woe to those who say to evil, good; and to good, evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20 (KJV) Evil/Good – What characterizes the ethics of the world more than this?  “Evil is good, good is evil.”  At some level, most… Read More »

Biblical Antonyms

I YHWH and none else, forming light and creating darkness; making peace and creating evil – I YHWH do all these things. Isaiah 45:6-7 Peace – What is an antonym?  Answer: the opposite.  The antonym of black is white.  The antonym of fast is slow.  The antonym of leader is follower.  But when it comes… Read More »

Ultimate Evil

Depart from evil, and do good. Psalm 34:15 Evil – What can we do about all these terrible things in the world? We live in the age of the worst genocides in history. We are exposed daily to man’s inhumanity. We see corruption all around us. We can hardly go through a single day without… Read More »

Último Mal

Agosto 6 Apártate del mal, y haz el bien. Salmos 34:15 Último Mal Mal- ¿Qué podemos hacer acerca de todas estas cosas terribles en el mundo? Vivimos en la era de los peores genocidios de la historia. Somos expuestos a diario a la humanidad del hombre. Vemos la corrupción que nos rodea. Casi que no… Read More »

A Look at Jeremiah 29:11

“I know the plans I have for you.” Most of us are quite familiar with this verse, perhaps too much so.  We skip over it, thinking that there isn’t a lot to mine here.  We’re wrong.  A close examination of the verse reveals a very different and complex understanding. It all starts with “know”.  The… Read More »