One Session Topics

Now that we’ve finished the study of Lambert’s book, it’s time to discuss a few individual topics.  Here’s the list and the dates.  You can sign up for each session in advance by indicating the name and the date and registering before the event.  CLICK HERE for registration.

1.  What difference does it make if Yeshua is a man, not God?    Session on Saturday, March 13 at 8AM Eastern Time

2.  What is the difference between the Christian view of sin and the Hebrew view of sin, and why does that matter?   Session on Sunday, March 21 at 8AM Eastern

3.  How should we understand the Genesis accounts of chapters 1-11 in light of Kaufmann’s work and others?   Session on Saturday, April 3 at 8AM Eastern

4.  Why doesn’t God step in and bring justice to this world today like He did in the past history of Israel?  Session on Sunday, April 11 at 8AM Eastern

Each session will be about 1 hour 30 minutes depending on discussion.

Cost per topic:  $4.00

There will be no technical support available on the day of the study. You can go here to the FAQ page and watch the video entitled “How to purchase and join a single topical study class” HERE


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