Report and Prayers

Yes, I know it’s Shabbat, but these two items are well-worth the exception.

Ellen Jones is out of ICU and home.  Recovery will take time, but she is on the mend.  Thank you for your prayers.

Now we have another woman who needs support.  Pam’s youngest son died and then her husband.  Her other son is incarcerated.  The total effect has been exhausting physically and spiritually.  She has asked the community to pray for strength as she tries to deal with all these losses.  Perhaps you would consider the story of Ruth as you pray for Pam.


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Judi Baldwin

Ellen…praises to the King for your beginning stages of recovery and for providing good medical care during the process as well as a welcoming home to return to.

Pam…may you feel the loving arms of the great Comforter around you as you struggle to make sense of the unrelenting trials you’re going through. I pray the LORD will surround you with people who can offer good counsel, good emotional support, good friendship and the perfect scripture verses to bring you comfort and peace.


Thank you so much for those kind words and prayer Judi.

Marsha S

Thanking YHVH for healing Ellen. Continued blessings to them both. Prayed and will continue to pray for Pam as she grieves over the death of her husband and son. And praying for the son in prison as he grieves the loss of his brother and father. I’ve been in jail more than once so I also pray for him in his journey while in prison and when he comes out. I was a living walking shame being, but YHVH removed that identity as I believe He is the only one who can. May he find the support he needs. Shalom Shabbat


Todah Rabah Marsha….we pray for early release for my son…

Lori Boyd

Ellen, may you continue to rest. Rest is a weapon in your hand and a gift from God. May God continue to bring
His wings around you; there is healing in His wings

Pam, I myself have suffered great loss. May God give you His Word to Hold onto Him. May God send you strong
ones in the faith to walk with you. You are not alone. You are loved by God. My verse is; Hebrews 10:23; “Let us HOLD
UNSWERVINGLY to the HOPE we confess, for HE who PROMISED is FAITHFUL.” Is there a Stephens Ministry in your congregation? A Stephen’s Minister reached out to me. She was a lifeline from heaven. There really are no words
for the sting of pain but there are those who God will send to walk with you.


Thank you so much Lori for your kind words – i’ll check into and see if we have a Stephens Ministry – never heard of such but will look.

Brian St Clair

Rejoicing with you, Ellen Jones.

Pam, please know I will be praying for you. May you find the strength to hold onto the One who will never let go of you.

Lissy Joy

Dear Skip, I have been following your blog for some time and very much excited all the insights you shared.
However, I want to ask you is Saturday existed during the times of Moshe and Abraham our forefathers? Will the appointed times of Yahuah comes on Saturday regardless of Ros-chodesh?
Lissy Joy

Rick Dupperon

Pam , i have no words but my family and i Love you and we feel your pain. Abba has told us that He will not leave us or forsake us.This means you. I wont mention names but i hope that the family of your son who is incarcerated are close to you. By the way im back on fb. Ahava shalom aleichem achoti.