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Living It! The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Babylon

These lectures were given to a synagogue assembly. By examining what God said to His people when they went into exile in Babylon, I believe we can unravel what it means to live in our own contemporary culture.

Paradigms and Hebrew Thought

These video lessons review the role of paradigms in interpreting the Bible.

The New "Living the Biblical Worldview"

Discover just how radically different the Hebraic/Semitic world is from the Greco-Roman world of the West. Now you can see and hear the themes that make up the biblical paradigm contrasted with the themes of the Western world.

Law and Grace, 3 Part Video Series

This video series (made in South Africa) discusses the confusion caused by defining these terms according to Greek-Roman first century thinking rather than Hebraic thinking.

God’s design for women: Understanding the ezer-kenegdo

This video series covers the full range of the Hebrew concept of ezer kenegdo, God’s words for the design of the woman.

Lessons From Israel, Series 1

In October of 2009, 16 readers of Today’s Word accompanied Rabbi Bob Gorelik and Dr. Skip Moen to Israel for 12 days of teaching about the Hebrew background of our faith. Amazing!  A significant contribution to your understanding of the Bible.

Lessons From Israel, Series 2

Skip Moen and Bob Gorelik venture back to Israel for a second series of lessons. This new series of 22 lessons covers material not previously seen as well as enhancements and additions to the first series. All lessons were shot in HD video for excellent viewing and listening.

But I’m a Gentile

In May 2013 Bob Gorelik and Skip Moen taught at their first joint seminar in the United States in Phoenix. Under the conference title, “Grafted In,” Bob opened the conference with an hour lecture on the Gentile Question.


Lectures from the Last Israel Tour

Bob Gorelik and Skip Moen hosted a group in Israel. The lectures and discussions were recorded for future use. 8 lectures from the August 2016 Israel tour.

Interviews with the men behind Voice of Israel

Hear Ari, Jeremy and Glen from the last trip to Israel as they discuss paradigm shifts, the current political events in Israel and other pertinent topics.

These audio files are FREE to all my readers. And be sure to listen to Voice of Israel on your web radio.

Israel Tour Lectures from October 2015

Bob Gorelik and Skip Moen hosted a group in Israel. As usual, the lectures and discussions were recorded for future use. 16 lectures from the October Israel tour were recorded.

A study of Gruber’s book, Copernicus and the Jews

I led a small group studying Gruber’s book over the course of many months. The analysis and discussion from each session was recorded as a kind of running commentary supplementing the material in Gruber’s work.

Israel Tour Lectures from May 2015

In May 2015, Bob Gorelik and Skip Moen hosted a group in Israel. In total, 23 lectures from the 2015 Israel tour were recorded for other listeners.


These audio recordings were made during a small group chapter-by-chapter study of Luzzatto's material and the commentary by Ira Stone in the Jewish Publication Society edition of 2010.

The Origin of the Idea of Hell

These lectures cover the development of the idea of Hell, from its rudimentary possibility in the Tanakh to the elaboration in the Talmud and the apostolic writings under the influence of Hellenism.
2 Audio files and a PDF.

Formation of the Christian Church

Two separate lectures – These lectures will give you the real story behind the emergence of Christianity as one of the world’s most powerful religions. But what you learn may shock and surprise you.

Lessons from Israel: 2014

Rabbi Bob Gorelik and Dr. Skip Moen teach on various topics while on tour in Israel.
All these lectures were recorded live with the group that traveled to Israel in April-May of 2014.
In addition, Moshe Kempinski and Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel were special guest lecturers and Israeli Yoav Bruck gave a moving testimony regarding life in Israel and the camaraderie and patriotism of those who live there.

Upside-Down Leadership

Two part series (Both included in download) – Upside-Down Leadership examines the biblical basis for answering the question: Who will be a leader in the Kingdom of God?


A series of lectures on the biblical idea of silence.

These audio files and PDF are FREE to all my readers.

The Book of Genesis

Everything important in the Bible happens in the first four chapters of Genesis. 14-hour lecture to Masters of Divinity Students. A very in-depth follow-up to Living The Biblical Worldview.

The Scriptural Role of ‘Ezer

82 minute discussion of the role of women (‘ezer) from a Hebraic worldview. Life-changing insights, guaranteed.

A Study of the Book of Ruth

These 10 audio lessons offer a verse-by-verse analysis of the powerful themes found in this short book.

The Hebrew view of Prayer

5 hours of lectures to graduate students on the “flow” of Hebraic prayer.

The Hebrew view of Education

63 minute discussion given to Christian Private College Association on the Hebraic model of education versus the Hellenistic/Greek model.


Over 5 hours of lectures to graduate students on Biblical hermeneutics, the study of the interpretation of written texts and scripture.

Commentary on Who Is Man? by Abraham Heschel

4 hours of in-depth analysis of Heschel’s Hebraic view of the nature of Man. This commentary looks at passages from Heschel’s book. Insights into the difference between the Greek and Hebrew views of what it means to be human.

A Study of the Letter to the Galatians

Nearly 20 hours of in-depth analysis of Galatians. It covers the background, exegetical issues, and themes in a verse-by-verse, word-by-word investigation of Paul’s message to the Galatian believers.


This series examines the reasons why current apologetics flounders. The lectures review the bankruptcy of the Greek quest for certainly. We examine the implications for this culture, showing why the failure to believe is not based in evidence but in how we know (epistemology).

Money, Sex, and Power

This series of lectures examines the cultural perspective on money, sex and power in order to draw insights for a contemporary application of Biblically based actions.

Lectures on the Foundations of Systematic Theology

Here are six lectures based on Millard Erickson’s Christian Theology. These lectures do not discuss doctrinal issues. Instead they focus on the epistemological, hermeneutical and metaphysical issues that underlie the project of forming a systematic theology. Erickson’s work is just the springboard for these discussions. These lectures will be useful to anyone who wonders how systematic theology works.

The Beatitudes

Six hours of audio rediscovering The Beatitudes from the perspective of Yeshua’s 1st century Jewish audience.

A Guide to Studying the Bible

In this one hour lecture, you’ll learn about various techniques to study the Bible, including reference and resource materials to help you.

Biblical Leadership

Aside from the “Jesus language”, what’s the difference between Biblical leadership, and the world’s view of leadership? An 8 hour discussion of the difference between following the Biblical way of leading versus the contemporary culture’s view of leadership.

Matthew, Verse by Verse

Over 100 hours of homegroup study on the book of Matthew, literally verse by verse. (Individual downloads can still be found HERE.)

A Study of the Book of James

These 20 audio lessons offer a verse-by-verse analysis of the powerful themes found in the book of James.

Conversations with Moshe Kempinski in Jerusalem

These 2 audio recordings discuss relationships between orthodox Judaism and current Christian teaching.

Lectures on Psalm 23

This lecture series was given in Virginia Beach in late 2014. The hours of audio files are accompanied by the Powerpoint presentation of the words.

Today’s Word Archives

Today’s Word Archives

Each Today’s Word that is emailed is also stored on this website, but if you prefer to have them in a single Word document, you can do so.

Books & Pdf's

The Prophetic Commentaries

With this collection, it is possible to simply read through any of the prophetic books of the Tanakh and follow the comments I have made on these verses in their biblical order.

The Hidden Beast - Confronting the enemy within

This book examines the inner logic of addictive thinking and behavior in order to provide the opportunity for real changes in our
emotional responses to trauma. There is freedom from the Hidden Beast . . . if you are willing.

Crossing: The Struggle for Identity

A careful examination of this story leads us back through the patriarchs and the events that shaped their lives.

31 Days of Transformation

In 31 days, you can gain a new perspective on repentance, renewal and joy.

Guardian Angel: What You Must Know About God’s Design For Women

Every woman knows she was designed for a special role — a role that has been denied to her far too long. In this study of Scripture, Skip Moen re-examines the Genesis account from an Hebraic perspective.

The Lucky Life: The Backwards Beatitudes

Understanding the difference between luck and lucky will change everything.
Also available in a Spanish Translation.

Cross Word Puzzles

How would a Jewish believer in the first century understand the meaning of the cross?

Guardian Angel – Abridged Version

Now it is finally available in an ABRIDGED version for easier reading.

Jesus Said To Her: Life’s Secrets from Conversations with Women

Examining the conversations Jesus had with women, this quick read delivers insights into the Messiah’s view of the special role of women. (And it’s probably not what you think.)

God, Time, and the Limits of Omniscience: A Critical Study of Doctrinal Development

Skip Moen provides extensive arguments for a new definition of omniscience, a formulation that resolves many persistent problems with free will, prophecy and temporal creation.

Spiritual Restoration Vol. 1: Reclaiming The Foundations of God’s World

Examines Leadership and Relationships from a Scriptural, Hebraic worldview. This 250-page book is a compilation of my “Today’s Word” daily emails on four subjects, chosen by readers as their favorites. I’m hoping to write several more volumes.

Spiritual Restoration Vol. 2: Reclaiming The Foundations of God’s World

The second volume of collected editions of Today’s Word covers the topics of the Idolatry and its contemporary manifestations, Discipline in a Hebraic context, Leadership, and Work and Worship as a singular effort. Dozens of biblical passages are discussed under each topic revealing the depths of the Word of God in the culture and linguistic settings of the authors.

Spiritual Restoration Vol. 3: Reclaiming The Foundations of God’s World

The third volume of collected editions of Today’s Word covers the topics of Church, evangelism, prayer, justice and Law vs. Grace.

Words To Lead By: A Practical Daily Devotional on Leading Like Jesus

Forty day devotional book examining Yeshua’s words about leadership. Designed to teach you the process of Christian influence. Suited for anyone responsible for leading others, whether in the home, at school, in the congregation, or at the office.

The Ten Commandments in Pictographs

What we discover just might help you realize how powerful the Ten Commandments really are!