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APOLOGETICS!  For most Christian believers, apologetics is about all of the rational arguments that support doctrinal beliefs.  In this mix you would expect to find discussions about evidence for the resurrection, proofs for the existence of God, critical reviews of Biblical history, arguments for the creation and dozens of other claims.

But if apologetics produces such compelling reasons for belief, then why isn't the whole world following YWHW?  Could it be that the basis of our view of apologetics is not anchored in the Biblical approach?  Could it be that our approach to the whole idea is bound to fail because it rests on the wrong assumptions?

This series examines the reasons why current apologetics flounders.  The lectures review the bankruptcy of the Greek quest for certainty.  We examine the implications for this culture, showing why the failure to believe is not based in evidence but in how we know (epistemology).

Then we look at the Hebrew approach -- an approach that is based in the way we live, not in the rational arguments we propose.  This radical change in the defense of the faith means that everyone is an apologist, everyone has a role to play in demonstrating God's reality.

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