Paradigms and Hebrew Thought

Paradigms and Hebrew Thought

These video lessons review the role of paradigms in interpreting the Bible.  First, we look at what a paradigm is, how it works and how it affects what we count as evidence.  Then we look at how paradigms change, or rather how we change from one paradigm to another. Finally, we apply this understanding to our ways of reading and interpreting the Bible.  This lecture is about three hours.  It includes the visual aids used in the video.

The purpose of these lessons is to help us understand why it is so difficult to show others our perspective on the Hebraic worldview and to offer some approaches that avoid arguments about "proof" texts.  In addition, if we realize how powerfully paradigms influence our own thinking, perhaps we will be more amenable to alternative readings of the text and less inclined to think that we have all the answers.

Note: Before you download the videos please download and use the VLC media player. It eliminates about 99% of all issues associated with large video and audio downloaded files.

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