A study of Gruber’s book, Copernicus and the Jews

A study of Gruber's book, Copernicus and the Jews


Daniel Gruber's book, Copernicus and the Jews, is a study of the usual assumptions Christians make about the themes, language and meaning of the Bible. Beginning with an analysis of the role of paradigms, Gruber looks at translation issues, historical revisions, Jewish and Christian reinterpretation of the text and the implications for those who wish to follow God's instructions. The book is challenging, timely and easy to read. You may be disturbed by some of the conclusions but you will not be disappointed by the arguments.

I led a small group studying Gruber's book over the course of many months. The analysis and discussion from each session was recorded as a kind of running commentary supplementing the material in Gruber's work. There are more than a dozen lectures covering the twenty-five chapters of the book, helping the reader understand the wider implications and the subtleties of the arguments.

All the lectures, 25 classes on 17 MP3 separate audio files, are available as a set for $20. You will need to have the book to follow the lectures. The book is available at a reasonable price from Elijahnet.

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