Biblical Leadership

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Aside from the "Jesus language", what's the difference between Biblical leadership, and the world's view of leadership?  The contemporary cultural model of leadership is based on the Greek idea of education, namely, that leadership is a set of skills anyone can master.  This might sell a lot of books, but it hardly fits reality.  We all recognize that some people seem to be naturals at leading while most people struggle in this role.  Maybe that's why leadership training seems so necessary.

Once we recognize the assumptions behind today's cultural model, we discover that the Biblical view is very different.  Leadership becomes a function of calling, not a matter of getting to the top or directing others.

This series examines the fundamental shift in worldview between the Greek and Hebrew cultures - and the effect that  this shift has on our concepts of leadership.  Aimed at practical application after rigorous analysis, the series will help you see what you are doing now that needs to change and what you need to add to your walk.


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