The Lucky Life: The Backwards Beatitudes

The Lucky Life: The Backwards Beatitudes, by Skip Moen, D.Phil.

The Beatitudes are recognized as the ethical foundation of the Kingdom message of Yeshua. But too often they have been treated as if they were spoken to Western-thinking believers. These zen-like sayings are examples of the upside-down perspective of Hebraic ethics. What they reveal about the Kingdom and the citizens of the Kingdom underscores how much we have misunderstood their context and culture. By examining the linguistic and cultural issues, we see that these well-known declarations are completely backwards.

Luck is for losers. Winners do not believe in luck. But they do believe in the lucky life. They believe in the lucky life because God's view of life is all about being lucky. Understanding the difference between luck and lucky will change everything.

Stop waiting for good luck! Start living the lucky life - the life God designed.

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