But I’m a Gentile

"But I'm a Gentile"

In May 2013 Bob Gorelik and Skip Moen taught at their first joint seminar in the United States in Phoenix.  Under the conference title, "Grafted In," Bob opened the conference with an hour lecture on the Gentile Question.  During the time of the disciples, the biggest question facing the Messianic community was "What do we do about the Gentiles?"  Bob's exegesis and insights help us understand the importance of the answer to this question--during the time of the disciples and during our time.  This becomes the basis of living for each one of us who came into the fellowship of the Messiah from outside Jewish heritage.

This video download is offered at a special introductory price of $4.95 for a short time.  It is the foundation of several more video lectures during the conference but this message is so important that we wanted everyone to have a chance to hear it.

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