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I’ve been writing Today’s Word every day since 2003. That’s over 5,500 daily devotionals.  Here’s your chance to download some previous years in Microsoft Word format.  Since each year will be in one file, you can search any word in the entire year.  You can look at any verse wherever it appeared, and of course, you can print any one you wish.  Please consider donating for these. They represent thousands of hours of work.  If you use them to teach or forward or in your own work, please provide proper citations.

As is the annual custom now, I offer last year’s Today’s Word file as a complete Word file.  Enjoy.


Electronic Download - $15 Suggested Donation for each year

To Download Files

1. A donation is not required to download these files. But donations are what keeps this ministry going. (And everyone who donates will automatically join the Today's Word online community, where we examine a single Greek or Hebrew word each day via email.)

2. Just click on the link to download it to your computer.

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