Thirty Days of The Hebrew Worldview

The Bible is a Hebrew symphony.  Too often Christians think that our message of grace and forgiveness comes from the Greek New Testament.  But every author of the New Testament was either a Jew or a Gentile convert to Judaism.  That means they might have written in Greek, but they were thinking in Hebrew. If you really want to understand the message of the Bible, you'll have to start reading it from a Hebrew perspective.  After all, Jesus was a Jew, right?Over the next thirty days, you'll receive 1 email each day to introduce to this perspective - gently and cautiously - so that you can start to see the Bible from a different point of view.  I believe that this will open your eyes.  Your faith will be encouraged.  You'll discover that things start to fall in place. You'll draw closer to God.  You'll see the Messiah in a new light.  And, you'll have fun!

So, join this growing cyber-congregation as we explore God's Word.  In thirty days, you'll get to decide if you want to keep going, but in the meanwhile, be free indeed!

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