God, Time, and the Limits of Omniscience

God, Time, and the Limits of Omniscience: A Critical Study of Doctrinal Development , by Skip Moen, D.Phil.Skip Moen examines the philosophical and theological development of the doctrine of omniscience.  Proving that the usual Christian formulation of the doctrine is based on Greek metaphysics rather than the Hebraic worldview of Scripture, Dr. Moen provides extensive arguments for a new definition of omniscience, a formulation that resolves many persistent problems with free will, prophecy and temporal creation.

This book is the doctoral dissertation for Skip's degree at Oxford University. "Defending a doctoral dissertation at Oxford is a unique experience. My examination committee included a gentleman whose book I attacked in my work. At Oxford, you either pass the examination, you pass with required corrections, or you fail.  There is no second chance.  Only about 20% of the candidates pass without any needed corrections.  I thought that Professor Swinburne (the gentleman I attacked in my work) would surely demand corrections (if I were lucky), but after 3 hours, the committee accepted the work as it stood."

This book will challenge serious students of the Bible to rethink some of the fundamentals of Christian doctrine. It offers a view supported by Hebrew thought and philosophical inquiry.


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