The Ten Commandments in Pictographs



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Scholars recognize that the original Hebrew alphabet was a pictographic one, borrowed from the Phoenicians.  Before it was converted into the familiar block script of biblical Hebrew, the ideas of God's instructions were written in this picture language.  What these pictographs reveal to us is fascinating, illuminating and intriguing.  While Paleo-Hebrew may not be sufficient for theological development, its history asks us to reconsider some of the cultural influences on the children of Israel newly removed from captivity in Egypt.

What we discover just might help you realize how powerful the Ten Commandments really are!

This study of the pictographs of the Ten Commandments from the book of Exodus offers you another way to look at God's revelation to His people and helps you see that the background of the Ten Commandments is critical if we wish to apply them today.

The study is available only as PDF download since it contains many pictographic images and Egyptian pictures.

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