The Prophetic Commentaries

The Prophetic Commentaries: Investigations and Reflections, by Skip Moen, D.Phil.

A Unique Collection:

In the past fifteen years, I have written more than 7000 pages on biblical words, culture, and history. These studies wander through the Scriptures according to my own journey and interests. In this collection, for the first time, my investigations and comments have been organized according to the progression of the biblical text itself. With this collection, it is possible to simply read through any of the prophetic books of the Tanakh and follow the comments I have made on these verses in their biblical order.

This is intended to be an interactive document. That’s why it is released in electronic form. What this means is that as corrections become necessary, you will be advised to update your copy FOR FREE . . . and if I write more about the verses in the prophets after the initial release of the book, I will add to this collection so that it will remain up to date. This collection will not go out of date until I stop writing.


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