Children Under the Bridge has a new web site

Thanks to the efforts of Tim Spoleti, CHILDREN UNDER THE BRIDGE now has a public web site that can be shared with everyone.  It’s not the same as the updates we send to those who support the project, but it is a very useful introduction to what we are doing and why.  Please check it out


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Laurita Hayes

Thank you, Skip (and Tim). I now have something to share with others. I will start right away! I pray for the worst of the worst first. That is where I believe all our hearts should go first: “the least of these”. I have talked to people who consider Jakarta the be the armpit of SE Asia: the epicenter of human disaster. May we be the vehicles of hope in this darkness. I will add what I can when I can. But now all of us can share CUB with others! What a blessing. I pray that Skip will be blessed abundantly for seeking the blessing of those around him.