Since I will not be able to travel in July, I want to invite all of you to an online lecture on THE BIGGEST BIBLICAL MISTAKES.  Don’t worry.  It’s not about errors in the Bible.  It’s about things we believe or have been taught to believe that interfere with our relationship with God.

The lecture will be July 18 at 11:00AM Eastern Daylight Time.

This lecture is FREE, but it is open only to the first 100 participants.  That means, “Don’t be late.”  I will open the participant link at 10:45 and close it at 11:01AM

Here is the ZOOM LNK for the Live Stream.
(The link won’t be active until the scheduled time)

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Richard Bridgan

I know at a minimum I’m being eccentric, and likely to no real avail, but I refuse to download Zoom to my devices. (I hope you may consider making your lecture available on some other venue.) This sounds intriguing! (Thanks for making it available to those who will be listening!)

Lori Hayden-Boyd

This is a wonderful opportunity! Thank you, Skip!

Jo Bridgan

Please reconsider any use of Zoom.

Mark Randall

Hello Jo
Not to diminish your concerns over Zoom but, we can’t and don’t allow hyperlinks to be posted within the comments. Because when those articles get taken down, move locations, etc., they become dead links and affect the operation of Skip’s website.

You may type out the article titles so people can look them up if they so choose.

Thanks for your understanding.

Mark Randall

I certainly understand people’s concern for tech platforms. As a tech person who tries the best I can to serve a Kodesh God, dealing with these technologies is always problematic. However, I assure you that there are no alternative platforms available, for most if not all, that is needed to provide the content on a website/blog/video service/audio service, etc., that in some way, shape or form doesn’t promote, fund, back, or contribute financially to ungodly positions. If you happen to know of any, then I would, with enthusiasm, look into using them, please email me their details. In the meantime, I believe that what is MOST important is that we DO something to try our best to connect, interact, relate, support Godly people and Godly causes, and provide the services we do, in the best and most honoring way to the King of Kings. Unfortunately, we live in a very broken and fallen world. But one that needs those interactions and services in a very real and desperate way. So, that’s my personal justification for not getting too hung up on the how, who, and what services are available that I use.

That said, if anyone doesn’t want to participate in the Live Sessions, they will be recorded and can be viewed at a later time once they are edited and uploaded to the server. Which of course, all current servers available are owned and operated by ungodly corps. And we will need to view those recordings on devices that are all 100% manufactured and distributed by extremely ungodly corps as well. Just saying…