Up to date Delays

Many of you have written wishing us blessings on our return to Italy.  Well, it hasn’t happened yet.  We were supposed to fly on August 31, but some medical issues suggested we delay a bit, so we did.  Then we discovered that Italy changed the entrance requirements on September 1 (during which time we would have been in the air) and we would have been denied entrance.  It looks like some minor medical problems actually prevented us from being turned away (and all that would have entailed).  So, here we are, in Florida, awaiting a new travel date (September 11) with the hopes that the EU won’t change its mind again about USA citizens.  We’re prepared as of this date, but in this COVID world, nothing is certain.

Hopefully within a week we will be back in Parma and can return to a somewhat normal life.  And start a new book study, online, of course.  🙂


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Richard Bridgan


Deborah Chavez

Thank you for the update. I’m thankful Father is watching out for both of you. It was so good to see you and to meet Rosanne.