The Church’s Choice

So often in Catholic churches in Italy the conversion decision is portrayed in stark relief.  Here’s something from Chiesa di San Vitale in Parma.  You get to decide which path you want to choose (and notice who is in the “comforting” one): This? Or this?


I didn’t expect this!  I traveled to Bergamo for a couple of days.  Just had to get out and see some Italian mastery from the 15th and 16th centuries.  So I picked Bergamo, about two and a half hours by train.  I thought I would find some interesting photos, but NOT THIS!  Incredible!  This is…

Things I Love About Italy

So I went to Brescia today.  I saw this from the train. Then I went to Santuario di Santa Maria delle Grazie.  The priest was just finishing mass and when he saw me with two camera kneeling on the floor to get a shot of the ceiling, he offered to turn on the lights.  Here’s…


Some ceilings worth viewing And this last one you might want to see a little closer

Fooled Me

I need a break.  My head is hurting from all these investigations into the complex differences between how I think and how Moses thought. So, here’s just some visual reminders that God is still the same even if I can’t figure it all out.


Well, Parma is still “Orange,” which means no travel outside the region.  But that didn’t stop me from going “vertical” as I walked to two churches today.  The ceilings in most churches are very dark.  The lights are off.  But with a little extra exposure, you can actually see what’s up there.  You will notice…